Spokesperson, LeatherNaturally!

Director, Claytons Leather Group of Chesterfield

Mike Redwood

Mike Redwood is a director of Claytons Leather Group of Chesterfield in the UK, a 175 year old traditional tannery. He is also a spokesperson for the LeatherNaturally! programme which was established by a group of industry stakeholders to support leather as a sustainable material through sharing information on leather and educating consumers and key influencers about leather. He supports this activity through regularly writing about the industry with items based on a long career in tanning and leather using industries around the world.


11:00 – The New Consumer: Post-Modern Marketing; Panel Discussion

In recent years even the casual observer has noted that the role of brands in our lives has been increasing and that with improved education, wealth and communications consumer behaviour has also been evolving. This has meant marketing has had to adapt be it at the business to business or the business to consumer level, which in some respects are merging. This presentation will look at these new developments and their implications for tanners.