President, Taiwanese International Leather Association (TILA)

President, International Council of Tanners (ICT)

Graduated from Taiwan Culture University in 1976, then he went to study in British School of Leather Technology of Nene College, UK which is called University of Northampton today from 1979 to 1981. Richard Pai loves leather, being the president of Taiwan TehChang Leather Group, he has been working in the industry for 35 years. Richard Pai acts actively to promote the development of leather industry. He has been working as the chairman of the Taiwanese International Leather Association (TILA), as well as the Chairman of Taiwan Regional Association of Tanneries (TRAT) since 2012. And he was appointed ICT (International Council of Tanners) President in 2016. Richard Pai is willing to devote himself to the development of leather industry inside and outside of China.  


09:00 – Welcome Note

It has become the tradition, since the 1st World Leather Congress (WLC) in 2011, that the current President of ICT takes the lead in organising the Congress. For the 3rd WLC, the ICT President Richard Pai of Taiwan was delighted to accept the offer from Su Chaoying of the Chinese Association (CLIA) to work together in the organisation of this event. This has proved to be extremely appropriate in view of the optimum venue (Shanghai) the focal point of the main changes in the industry (China) and the main areas of growth (the countries surrounding China).